Green, Energy Saving Cooking

360 Stainless Steel Cookware Conserves Energy, Time & Money

When you consider how dramatic an impact our 360 line of “green cookware” has on the environment, the results may surprise you. The chart below depicts the difference in per-hour kilowatt demand of 360 Cookware compared to typical cookware:

360 stainless steel green cookware
Per-Hour Kolowatt Demand of 360 Cookware vs. Typical Cookware


Typical cookware

360 “Green Cookware”













With energy reduction of routinely 200-600% and more, a 360 Cookware set is an easy, effortless way to effectively conserve natural resources…and save money.

Utility Bill Savings

Meals Per Week Weekly Savings Annual Savings
7 $6.97 $363.44
21 $20.91 $1,090.32

How does this translate into savings on your gas or electricity bill? This time you’ll definitely be surprised. If you use your eco-friendly 360 Cookware set to prepare just one meal a day, you’ll save:  $6.97 a week/$363.44 a year

Impressive by itself, yet if you use our stainless steel cookware to prepare 3 meals a day, the savings becomes downright astounding:  $20.91 a week/$1090.32 a year

Factor in additional meals for extended family, friends, guests, holidays and events and, well, you get the idea. And because foods cook quicker, it will create a noticeable savings of your valuable time, too.

How does 360 Stainless Steel "Green" Cookware compare to other retail brands?

The 360 Cookware "green" story is impressive on many levels which makes it unlike any cookware you've ever tried. We're committed to ensuring the planet is around as long as our cookware. The sustainable manufacturing process and unique vapor cooking method decreases the carbon footprint of both our company and our customers.

Still not convinced? We've developed a cookware comparison chart to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Enter your email address below for instant access to the document that contains the chart and a buyer's guide stating what you should look for in quality cookware.